CNN Sends Male Reporter to Harass Innocent Woman at her Home, Revealing Her Address

CNN Sends Male Reporter to Harass Innocent Woman at her Home, Revealing Her Address February 22, 2018

If you’re looking for the bottom of the depravity of the Leftist media, relax.  There’s not one, and here’s proof.  Recently, they sent a male reporter to harass a perfectly innocent woman, at her home, because at some point she promoted something on her Facebook page that was promoted by unspecified Russians.  This behavior by CNN is quite literally, evil.

They fully dox this poor woman, revealing her full name.  They don’t bother to edit out her clearly visible address, making her easily findable.  This is truly disgusting behavior, intended to harass and humiliate.

She sounds like a tough New Yorker, and she’s not biting though.  She does the right thing and calls BS.  She questions the reporter right back, telling him that she went to the Being Patriotic meetings and they were full of supporters of Donald Trump.  I think  this is just part of CNN’s ongoing efforts to try to figure out how their favorite candidate Hillary Clinton lost to someone they think is so dumb.  (I’ll leave it to CNN to conclude how such a smart person could’ve lost to such a supposed dolt.)

The dumbest part of the whole clip is when the reporter, who hasn’t been respected enough by the lady, is left standing on the sidewalk with just him and his cameraman.  There is silence for a few beats, then he says, “well, there ya go.”  As if it is so exasperating for him when a private citizen (a patriotic lady) doesn’t appreciate being ambushed by a CNN reporter fully doxxing her in front of her house.

Why are elitists so mean?

Image Credit: Screen Cap from the CNN Video

Hat Tip: TownHall

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