VIDEO: Rich NYC Parents Furious Their Kids Will Have to go to School with More Black Students

VIDEO: Rich NYC Parents Furious Their Kids Will Have to go to School with More Black Students April 30, 2018

Have you ever heard the acronym NIMBY?  It stands for “Not In My Back Yard,” and I happen to have the perfect video to show you the NIMBY mentality in action.  It deals with the hot button topics of race and education in New York.  Manhattan, you might be surprised to learn, has some of the most segregated schools in America. While this might be counterintuitive — considering the city’s reputation for diversity — this is due to “gentrification, rising income and wealth inequality throughout the city’s five boroughs, schools on the Upper West Side.  The Upper West Side, is “one of the wealthiest and whitest sections of Manhattan.”  

However, the city is trying give underprivileged kids access to the sorts of advantages and resources wealthier neighborhoods have, so they’ve come up with a plan that will require all middle schools to reserve 25% of their seats for students who score below grade level on state English and math tests.

Sounds like the type of thing that liberals would just LOVE, right?  Aren’t they the self-professed caretakers of the poor?  Especially compared to all of those rich Republicans who are basically indistinguishable from Montgomery Burns.

But – surprise!  — the parents weren’t happy at all — to the point of yelling at a school meeting.  Via The Root:

The parents couldn’t fathom their children not getting into the middle school of their choice because they might have to hand their seat over to a black or Latinx child.

“You’re talking about an 11-year-old, you worked your butt off and you didn’t get that, what you needed or wanted,” said one big-mad woman. “You’re telling them that you’re going to go to a school that’s not going to educate you the same way you’ve been educated. Life sucks!”

One middle school principal — Henry Zymeck — was aghast by the entitled indignation shown by the parents.

“There are kids that are tremendously disadvantaged,” he said. “And to compare these students and say, ‘My already advantaged kid needs more advantage; they need to be kept away from those kids,’ is tremendously offensive to me.”

Well, yes.  I honestly don’t know the ins and outs of Manhattan public school politics, but it really is interesting to see these (presumably liberal) parents just explode at the thought of their precious snowflakes having to attend school with black students.

Here’s the footage:

I take no pleasure in seeing these apoplectic parents shouting just to make sure their kids aren’t exposed to the underprivileged.  But it’s important to remember: no matter what they profess, liberals always say NIMBY.

Hat Tip: The Root

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