Chaos, Lawlessness, and Unsanitary Conditions Wrecking American Cities

Chaos, Lawlessness, and Unsanitary Conditions Wrecking American Cities June 24, 2018

Behold the condition of several American cities, overrun with chaos, disorder, and unsanitary conditions.  But take note: this decline has been overseen by the kind-hearted Fascist Democrats who run them. 

Here are just a few examples:

Portland is overrun by homeless people. When Columbia Sportswear moved there in 2016, they instantly regretted it.  Employees — many of whom had moved across the nation to work there — were assaulted by vagrants, reported criminal offenses, and were fearful of physical violence.  Also, they didn’t love the fact that every day, homeless people defecated in their lobby.  One lady had to run into traffic to avoid a man she thought was trying to kill her.  Other companies haven’t fared well either.  A jewelry store owner was robbed and had her life threatened twice. “The police came and then [the thief] came back four minutes later after they left,” she said.

Seattle is experiencing record homelessness, violent crime, and opioid usage.  It’s gotten so bad that officials are considering a “safe injection van,” a mobile unit designated for the “safe” shooting up of illegal drugs.

San Francisco is now — according to University of California Berkeley professor Lee Riley, an expert on infectious disease — dirtier than Third World ghettos.  A firm recently investigated 153 downtown city blocks, and their results would make the least germophobic people cringe:  41 had used drug needles and 96 had human feces. Aggressive homeless people have taken control of the streets, harassing and intimidating tourists. Officials there are going to spend $305 million to try to reduce homelessness for one year alone.

City Journal reports:

Cities’ first step in fixing this mess must be to restore public order. There’s nothing generous or compassionate about letting troubled people sleep on pavement surrounded by used needles. Public-health agencies must enforce basic sanitation standards; individuals should not be going unpunished for public defecation. Elected officials must give police the latitude to exercise their power judiciously—and the reassurance that their work is valued and supported. Three-strike policies should be implemented, and violators jailed.

Most important, people need to feel safe walking the streets. Visitors, residents, and businesses deserve better. It’s time to quell the anarchy and disorder dominating West Coast cities.

Exactly, but it’s hardly surprising.  When cops are unsupported and under attack, criminality and lawlessness reign. And it’s not limited to the west; Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia are also corrupt and unimaginably dirty, too.   In fact, wherever Fascist Democrats have unfettered control of government, civilization crumbles.

Hat Tip: City Journal

Image Credit: Bill Morrow on Flickr

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