May 20, 2002

Update on Brian Halderman

Seems our Man of Integrity suddenly got rid of the drag nuns and faux priests photos today. Trust me. They were there. Poor persecuted man. What is interesting about his action is that this sort of cowardice and deception is not called “cowardice and deception” by the gay community. It’s called “being driven back into the closet”. But of course, this is untrue. I don’t want Mr. Halderman’s photos off line. I want them where we can see them and ask ourselves if this is really the sort of thing we want to see in the priesthood. Mr. Halderman’s decision to remove from our sight just what sort of contempt he has for religious and clerical life is not my fault nor the fault of others who pointed out his site. It is his fault and his free choice. Evidently he is not all that filled with gay pride.

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