Meanwhile, on the Left…

Meanwhile, on the Left… April 29, 2009

Ya gotcher weekly “Kmiec Tries to Square the Circle and Get Pwned” story, as well as your weekly “Obama and Dems to Catholics: Up Yours” story.

Footnote: Sam Brownback, Great White Hope of conservative Catholic prolifers… voted to confirm.

Converts like Gingrich, Tony Blair, and Brownback make me wonder if we need to redefine the term “convert”. What discernible effect does their ecclesial address change actually have? Blair is giving advice to the Pope to get with Swinging London and Gingrich was on the news the other day, expressing the standard boilerplate agnosticism about whether torture is really torture, all while posing as the Moral Advisor to America. Now this.

It’s like the difference between sending my kids to the UW or Seattle U. At the UW, you *know* you are immersed in a culture that is the enemy of your Faith. That can be bracing and produce a healthy counter-cultural embrace of the Faith. But at Seattle U, students go assuming that the people there want to help them grow in their faith. Instead, they find people with their own agendas, often mortally opposed to the Faith, but dressed in Catholic lingo and garb. So Catholic colleges become great places to lose your faith and your virginity. In the same way, the Dems are rather naked in their hostility to the Faith. You know where you stand. The GOP sells itself as the God Party, and then perverts the well-meaning energies of its Christian members into insane apologetics for unjust war, torture and (now) go along-get along cooperation with abortion zealotry. The Hegelian mambo continues.

I’m with my reader: I’d like to see what would happen if Ron Paul converted. I suspect he would actually *convert* since ideas appear to mean something to him.

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