Court Is Not in Session

Court Is Not in Session May 13, 2009

Some folks have apparently taken it upon themselves to use my comboxes as a courtroom for the trial and summary condemnation of Christopher West and Greg Popcak (among others).

I don’t know West and have not read his work. However, I’m inclined to think that the imprimaturs on his work and the vetting he’s gotten from his bishop suggest that the current witch-hunt is more heat than light. Especially, when I see something like this:

Sorry, but I don’t see West calling Hefner a hero. He seems to be saying common sense stuff and referring us to the teaching of JPII. Why do we Catholics so often bayonet our own troops?

By the way, I do know Popcak and consider him a friend and a good man whose beautiful family is the proof of his pudding. If you feel the need to try, sentence and execute either of them in the court of public opinion, please find somewhere else to do it as I have neither the time nor the inclination to adjudicate such matters.

That is all.

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