Various Prayer Requests

Various Prayer Requests July 30, 2009

For Aggies and the people of Bryan, TX fighting a hazmat fire.

For a reader who writes:

My wife is pregnant with our 6th child (4 by birth, 1 by adoption). We were just informed that he is “transverse” and will need to turn or we are faced with the real possibility of a c-section tomorrow (Friday afternoon). Please pray that Baby Tayan would turn into the right position and be birthed naturally. Please pray that we would walk in peace and keep our eyes on Jesus.

For the success of a new blog which aims to encourage vocations to the priesthood called “Year for Priests” (Check thou it out!).

In gratitude that Perpetual Adoration is returning to the Archdiocese of Boston.

For a blessing on the coming Novena to St. Genesius (patron of actors and victims of torture, and therefore a guy close to my heart).

And for increased vocations to the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, who will also be appearing on “Life on the Rock” on EWTN this evening at 8:00 PM EDT.

Lord, hear our prayer!

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