Nominating Myself for a Brick Award

Nominating Myself for a Brick Award September 29, 2009

Okay. I’m really busy this morning and I’m jetting through my mail at faster than usual speeds. I get a note from somebody complaining (as I thought) that somebody somewhere had included a prayer in the liturgy for health care reform. I do, in fact, get a fair amount of mail from people who assume that if somebody prays something in common with a Democrat, that is prima facie proof that they are a CINO. So I post the note and pen a gripe about party spirit trumping the Church’s teaching. I assumed it was standard boilerplate hyperbole that she was accusing the pray-ers of worshipping Obama.

My correspondent writes to complain, so I visit the link as, yes, I ought to have done originally.

Oh. My. Lord. Must be seen to be believed.

So: first of all, my sincere apologies to my reader for assuming way too much about her post to me. Mea maxima culpa. Second, I nominate myself for the First CAEI Brick Award for the Stupidest Misreading of Correspondence from a Reader.

UPDATE: Listening to this video with my eyes shut, I’m hearing some in the crowd saying “Hear us, Obama”, but I’m also thinkin’ the helpful interpretive text guides inserted by the videomakers are supplying verbiage that ain’t there on the soundtrack. So I chalk this one up to a slight advantage for the organizers of the rally in the video who are, thank God, not such fools as to actually bid their followers to pray to Obama (though some of the followers sound to me like they are doing so). The makers of the video are, I think, letting their hostility to Obama tell them what their itching ears want to hear.

MORAL: I shouldn’t post stuff like this when I don’t have time to vet it carefully. Gimme another Brick Award nomination!

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