361 Followers! February 22, 2010

My dear lickspittles and sycophants:

I am informed by the ever-hilarious Chris Johnson that somebody named Peter Kennedy–The Man Who Threatened Rome–is currently making Holy Mother Church quake in her boots by addressing Anglicans and saying, well, pretty much what room temperature apostate Anglicans say to one another yet again.

Mr. Johnson has expressed a fair and just demand that “You owe us, Rome. BIG time.”

I therefore bid you go offer to assist Mr. Johnson in whatever way he sees fit in doing whatever it is he wishes to do. Do it… IN THE NAME OF ROME!!!!! It matters not, no price is too high. Wash his windows, air in the tires, new format for the blog, babysitting, snappy wardrobe upgrade, mow the lawn, top ten album collection from L’Osservatore Romano–the sky’s the limit!

Chris! Help is on the way!!!! 🙂

That is all.

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