Carl Olson on…

Carl Olson on… March 18, 2010

John Allen on Benedict XVI on the Scandal.

Everything that I’ve seen so far makes it pretty obvious that Benedict is one of the good guys here and that the recent fracas in the Euro press is a pretty transparent attempt to blame the guy for things he is not only not guilty of, but rather zealously trying to stop, as Allen makes plain.

As Olson goes on to point out, the burning issue for these people does not appear to be The Children. If it were, they’d be a hundred times angrier about the American public school system.

No, the burning issue is Destroy Rome by whatever means necessary. It’s stupendously counter-productive, of course, since Benedict has set the machinery in motion to get rid of wicked priests in a swift fashion, but that’s a small price to pay when you are faced with a Pope who *still* won’t get with the program and sign off on whatever Andrew Sullivan’s desires desire.

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