More Good News from the UK re: the Pope’s Visit

More Good News from the UK re: the Pope’s Visit October 1, 2010

A friend writes:

To be honest Mark the visit to the UK has been a great grace, a great shot in the arm for us all on this side of the pond.
Shocking so, RTE, Ireland’s State Broadcaster, virtually ignored the coverage. Thankfully however Sky News – a satellite broadcaster very popular in the UK and Ireland – had wall to wall coverage. And to be honest, the TV was off when the Pope took off! A Methodist neighbour of my mother said she was “glued” to it! In the light of the positive, sensitive and informative coverage by Sky, (which many have communicated to the ‘people in the sky’ at Sky) there has been consternation, for people have seen in contrast the blatant anti Catholic bias. Ordinary people now realise that the Holy Father is not as he has been portrayed by the “metropolitian elite”, as a good friend put it.

MSM media templates rely on pack journalism. When one media organ attempts to kill a story and another covers it fully, people notice they are being lied to.

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