Prayer Request

Prayer Request November 23, 2010

A reader writes:

At the end of August my wife and I met this homeless woman at the adoration chapel near where we live. We allowed this woman to come and stay with us until we could help her get back up on her feet again. This proved to be harder and not to the fact that the woman was on crutches. She ended up staying with us for around 3 months. We ended up having to ask her to leave with the escort of the police as she was starting to stress my wife out to point where she was having more seizures as she has epilipacy (sp).

This woman has been chronically homeless for 5 years due to the fact that she keeps walking away from real help. Help has been offered to her time and time again and she continues to refuse the help that has been offered to her. She then complains that know one is helping her. She has worn out the social agencies that offer help to homeless people, various priests and ministers, her own family, various kind people and lastly ourselves. She has been in and out of the hospital so many times that they don’t even want to take her when she calls to complain about yet another problem with her that turns out never to be a serious problem.

No one will take this woman in including her family because she has burnt all her bridges and we can not let her back into our house. The cold winter months are upon us and she will be thrown out of her hotel room soon. It breaks our heart but there is nothing more we can do for her.

Please pray that God will somehow intervene in her life so she can get the real help that she needs despite alienating people with her constant refusal of accepting help and criticizing others who do help her when she doesn’t get her own way. Thank you for always praying for others.

Father, hear our prayer for this woman that she would respond to grace and stop destroying her relationships with those who want to help her. St. Michael, defend her from the devil and free her from his snare to respond to grace. Mother Mary, pray for her that she would receive grace and act on it so as to be strengthened to make her next step toward virtue. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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