DisneyCorp Doesn’t Love or Care About You

DisneyCorp Doesn’t Love or Care About You December 10, 2010

One of the things that perpetually surprises me is when somebody gets upset when a giant corporation like Disney makes a movie full of PC pieties, or sponsors some celebration of gay sex or has yet another of its former tots grow up to be a screwed up vixen who is not a Role Model for America’s Youth.

I mean, complain all you like about such actions. But don’t act *betrayed*, as though Disney was trusted family. People think DisneyCorp is something besides a big corporation devoted to mammon. Then they are perpetually surprised that the kids they exploit turn out like this.

Bobby Driscoll can tell you all about how much Disney cares about you or about the kids they exploit.

A parent has to be insane to desire stardom for their kid.

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