Pictures from the Walk for Life

Pictures from the Walk for Life January 24, 2011

In San Francisco.

The hard-working reader who took these writes:

I caught wind that the Walk for Life was coming up through your blog, and decided to go. I’d appreciate it if you shared my pictures. I woke up late and had 15 minutes to run 2/3 a mile lugging 17lbs of camera equipment in order to get to a train station so I could take the 1 1/2 hr train ride, and then another hard fast walk for 1 1/2 miles carrying the same 17lbs so I could get there in time to get pictures of Abby Johnson.

What strikes me about these demonstrations every time is how happy and joyful the prolife people look and what a pack of bitter dried-up prigs the pro-choicers are.

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