Palin Throws Racket, Accidently Gets Ball over Net

Palin Throws Racket, Accidently Gets Ball over Net June 6, 2011

Proclaimed a genius at tennis by adoring fans.

I have no doubt at all that Palin was *totally* well-read in the minutiae of American Revolution lore and absolutely had this obscure 1798 letter in mind when she was babbling her syntactic linguini last week. This isn’t any kind of after-the-fact attempt to patch up an illiterate gaffe or anything. I look forward to her teaming up with Newt Gingrich to deliver her erudite lectures on American history.

The great groove she’s got going is that she can literally do no wrong with her adorers. If she bails on her responsibility as governor to chase after riches and celebrity, it’s because the media was too mean. If she runs for President, it’s because she has the courage to Face the Heat (though “facing the heat” means “only allowing her image to be channeled through propaganda organs” rather like Obama). If she says something stupid, it’s because she’s a Woman of the People who isn’t beholden to those Pointy-Headed Intellectuals and their Book Learnin’ because she has the pulse of Real America. If she’s accidently kinda sorta right by dumb luck, then that’s because she’s actually the True Scholar of American History and the pointy heads don’t know anything about real American History. Wondrous.

And yet another indictment of the bankruptcy of our political culture.

Well, enough of this frippery. I need to attend to something serious, like Stephen Tobolowsky’s digital bust.

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