Corapi digs in

Corapi digs in July 7, 2011

His latest transmission to his fans consists of a couple of lawyerly worded denials about some of the SOLT charges, pregnant silences about the rest, and a big fat “non serviam” to his superiors.

Even a huge percentage of the “fans” in his comboxes are starting to get it and kissing this manipulative fraud goodbye, while the remainder are battening down on the now-sugarless Kool Aid and urging him to fight on against the shadowy forces of liberalism they imagine are the authors of this debacle. Fascinating and sad to watch the human mind and heart in the grip of rationalization.

I’d hoped he would man up, obey his superiors, and humble himself. Instead, he is choosing to drag this pathetic little Gotterdammerung out to the edge of boredom. By the time it’s over we will all be so sick of it we’ll want to hurl.

This is why forgiveness is like quitting smoking. You have to do it thousands of times, particularly when the person you are working to forgive keeps doing something new every couple of days to remind you that he refuses to acknowledge he needs any forgiveness.

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