Atheist Dogma

Atheist Dogma September 29, 2011

In which we discuss how the dogmatic faith commitments of evangelical atheists compel them to not look at evidence for miracles. Almost instantaneously, an atheist shows up in the combox to explain, “Shut up.”

Mike Flynn has a serendipitously/providentially relevant post on how our faith commitments (including, especially, those who worship the intellect rather than using it) affect our ability to reason.

If you want to see a spectacular example of the sort of hermetically sealed arrogance and ignorance which can result from the particularly cramped bubble that is cyber-atheism, go here and watch the embarrassing spectacle as Flynn (“Ye Olde Statistician”) tries to educate the herd of independent thinkers in Jerry Coyne’s comboxes. Eventually, Coyne, as is the custom with such fundamentalist dogmatists, explains “Shut up!” to Flynn for his crime of reasoned and dispassionate dispatching of the primitive fundamentalist tropes that pass for “rationality” among his acolytes, toadies and hangers-on. Because, you know, self-proclaimed “rationalists” are all about reasoned discourse, while theists are ignorant obscurantists who fear reason.

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