Ed Peters…

Ed Peters… September 17, 2011

…thinks Fr. Pavone could stand to re-think his priesthood.  I think he’s got a point.

Meanwhile, the Te Deum blog has similar concerns and Judie Brown of the American Life League sez:

“I ask that all pro-lifers show the respect that the office of the bishop deserves and refrain from creating a public spectacle filled with demands, letters of condemnation, demonstrations, or other efforts to create public pressure for a secular solution to what, in the end, is a Church matter.  This is a time for prayer: prayer for the bishop, prayer for the priest, and prayer for the babies. I ask the entire pro-life community to put aside secular action and join me in praying for a speedy and just resolution. A rush to judgment can run in both directions.”

One good way to help that along would be for Fr. Pavone to stop issuing public statements. Another good way would be for him to tell CBR, for which he has provided leadership, to call off this crazy “Picket the Parishes of Amarillo with Gory Pictures” campaign. The Catholics of Amarillo are not the enemy. Nor is the bishop. Nothing is more important than Fr. Frank’s priestly vocation. Treating it like a nuisance just confirms the concerns expressed by his bishop.

I repeat: I think Fr. Pavone is a good man who has done a lot of good work. But it is possible for even good men to get off track, particularly when the work they do *is* very important. We are inveterate idol-makers and the more good and beautiful something is, the more likely we are to make it the center of our lives. But nothing, not even the extremely good work of saving human lives, can take the place of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the center. A priest who neglects his priesthood, even for that, is a priest who is neglecting the core of his vows to God. I hope Fr. Pavone will read and heed Ed Peters’ insightful remarks. And I remain confident that all of this will be ironed out through the grace of Christ Jesus.

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