More Insanity from Jesuits

More Insanity from Jesuits September 28, 2011

A reader writes:

Gonzaga U has hired a practicing-lesbian Jewish rabbi to teach Hebrew studies in their theology department, they say she is on track for tenure. I suppose hiring a devout, straight rabbi to teach impressionable young minds would have been too tame. Matthew 18:6-7 comes to mind…

Where would Jesuit education be without fealty to the most uber-trendy fads?

Catholics should pull their kids out of such schools and write letters informing the school that they will not see a dime of alumni money till they actually start giving a Catholic education. I know of profs at Seattle U who *relished* the though of destroying the faith on their incoming freshmen. Unsuspectin parents who send their kids thinking that these vandals of the intellect are their friends are being doubly betrayed. In a more civilized era, such traitorous frauds would be challenged to pistols at dawn for the way they have wrought destruction on the faith of the children of trusting alums.

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