Prayer Request

Prayer Request September 20, 2011

A reader writes:

If you could include my family in your prayer requests, I would be grateful. We’ve suffered for two-and-half years from what the government likes to call “underemployment,” and we have finally reached our limits. We’ve made a payment on our mortgage every month, but it hasn’t been enough and the house is teetering on the edge of foreclosure. Other financial problems are coming at us full speed. We pay for our own health insurance, and cannot do without it due to medication costs and various health problems. We need paying work and some way to recover from our ruined finances. Please deploy the mighty mighty powers of the CAEI readership to pray for my wife and me to find work and get out from under these crushing debts.

Father, we ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ that you would swiftly send a good-paying job to your servant so that they can do good work and pay off their debts and rebuild his finances for the sake of their family and your poor. We also ask that you would turn the hearts of those to whom he owes money so that they will be merciful. Give grace, peace, and consolation to your servant in this trial and help him and his family trust in you. Do all this for the glory of your Name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this struggling family. Amen!

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