Bugs Bunny…

Bugs Bunny… October 4, 2011

is the burning issue on the blog this AM. On the former incarnation of CAEI, I had a little gif of Bugs Bunny in an army helmet that somehow seemed to capture something of what I was trying to do (basically, make smart alec remarks about stuff, and get a certain amount of flak for it). Bugs naturally endeared himself to my readers and so some folk have missed him dearly since The Move.

I thought about bringing him over, and may do so yet if I can find a place for him. But he didn’t really seem terribly reverent superimposed on the Blessed Trinity (which I really wanted for the beautiful banner that the Patheos web elves have created), and I can’t really see where else to put him. So he is, at least for the moment, retired to Toon Town. I hope you can understand.

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