Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests October 5, 2011

A reader writes:

I am too weak to continue fighting. I’ve reached the end. I need help from others to continue. My fatigue is so great that I want to die. I come to you to pray for us.

Father, hear our prayer that your servant would receive the grace of faith, hope, and love and be delivered from despair through Christ our Lord. Guardian angel, defend him in battle and protect him from the snares of the evil one. Mother Mary and St. Jude, pray for him!

Another reader writes:

I would ask for prayer for two intentions. The first is that my job search in America goes well and that also my friend Matt who has fought such adversity in his chosen field but has been unable to find permanent employment is able to do so soon.

Father, grant work to your servants through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Joseph the Worker, pray for them!

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