The Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Grasps Again for the One Ring

The Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Grasps Again for the One Ring October 28, 2011

Dawn Eden writes:

Michael Walsh, a k a David Kahane, who co-founded the Big Journalism blog with Andrew Breitbart, still banging the same drum–Alinsky is evil, his actions are evil, let’s imitate him (for a good end, of course).

The Thing That Used to be Conservatism now constitutes a standing threat to serious Catholic discipleship. Leftist consequentialim leaves the hook bare because it treats the Church’s teaching with open contempt.  Conservative Consequentialism pretends to be faithful and suckers people who think they are ‘saving the faith’ by ignoring the Church.  And no small part of the threat is that, when you point that out, “conservative” Catholics often regard you as a prima donna for reiterating a Catholic moral teaching that is, if anything, even more fundamental than “abortion is bad”. For abortion is bad because it is a gravely evil attempt to achieve a good end by gravely evil means, as all sin is. But the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism is now dominated by people (like Walsh/Kahane) who have largely succeed in popularizing consequentialism as the New Hotness while teaching “conservative” Catholics that sticking to ancient moral principles is Old and Busted.

It will only end in tears–especially for “faithful conservative” Catholics who whore after this–because they should know better.

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