Words I Never Thought I’d Read

Words I Never Thought I’d Read October 6, 2011

“Secret Panel Can Put Americans on ‘Kill List'”

Feel safer or you might be an Enemy of the State.

Don’t worry. This unilateral, secretly exercised, utterly unaccountable power to murder Americans without evidence, arrest, trial, witnesses, judge, jury, verdict or sentence is only a temporary Enabling Act that just applies for as long as the current crisis (meaning our Eternal War of Empire Against Terror) obtains. Since when has a Modern State ever misused such a power?

Look! Lady Gaga! Shiny! Pay no attention! Everything is fine! Our God King is in control and he’s got them Bad Guys, who don’t even deserve the rights granted to us by the State (not God), on the run.

You do agree that our rights come, not from the Hand of God, but from the generosity of the State, don’t you? You’re not one of those religious nuts, are you?

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