A reader writes:

A reader writes: November 8, 2011

I have a question on the Universal Living Rosary Association, headed by Patti Melvin.

I had once learned that this organisation may not be entirely “in line” with the Roman Catholic Church – in spite of its obvious Catholic identity – because of its affiliation with dissenting clergy; such as the listing of Bishop Daniel Dolan, a priest with the schismatic Society of St. Pius X, on its website.

I had also noted that the website almost never mentions praying for the Pope’s intentions or makes any mention of Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI. And also that they choose not to use the Luminous Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Thus, I would like to have your esteemed opinion … is the Universal Living Rosary Assocation truly a Catholic organisation, in every sense of the word; that is, one in which faithful Catholics may join?

That’s enough red flags for me. There are jillions of Rosary associations out there that don’t ignore the Pope and that don’t pal around with reactionary schismatics. I’d just go pray with one of them.

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