Attack of the Ninnies

Attack of the Ninnies November 3, 2011

Well, it looks like some of the OWSers have decided to try to go all badass with riots (though some report that OWSers are also trying to oppose the rioter). If they don’t get this under control, they lose me. MLK had it right. You win hearts with nonviolence. You just prove you are an impatient ninny when you start trashing churches and throwing molotov cocktails.

Update:  I’m not so certain that the doofuses who are rioting represent anything like the majority of this amorphous movement.  Colbert has fun highlighting the cringeworthy silliness that seems to dominate much of what happens there, but if this really does typify a typical OWSer then I hardly think the Beckian take on it as something that is just about to erupt into Bolshevik Revolution is justified:

Does the violence need to be stopped (by force, if necessary)? Yes. But the OWSers still have a point about the grave economic inequities we face and they still seem (if these two silly people are any indication) largely rather harmless. Are there some violent kooks among them? Sure. There are violent kooks among the Tea Party types too, showing up at political rallies with guns and blathering about “second amendment solutions” if Sharon Angle lost an election. Doesn’t mean the Tea Parties are utterly wrong. Nor are the OWSers.

The main problem with ninnies like the people in this video is that they are powerless, by their insufferable PCness, to stand up to the violent kooks who will try to co-opt them and who won’t give a rat’s patoot about their twinkles process. I hope they can man up and oppose such goons or they will find all their idealism pulled out from under them.

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