Jimmy Akin is a Genius

Jimmy Akin is a Genius November 28, 2011

Here is his hilarious take on the implementation of the Mass Improvements.

Things have been going pretty well at our parish. We have both a terrific liturgist and a terrific choir at Blessed Sacrament, so we’ve been breaking in the new liturgy in various ways for the past month and a half or so. I flubbed my lines several times, but I think I’ll get the hang of things eventually and assume God understands. My attitude toward the liturgy is “Just give me my lines and my blocking and some time to grow into the part”. Once that’s done, I think the healthiest approach is to break the liturgy in till, like really comfy shoes, you don’t notice it anymore and get back to the business of looking along the liturgy at God and not at it.

Anyway, things are moving along well and we’re happy. How did things go at your parish? And by that, I mean, “How is the liturgy helping facilitate your communion with the Blessed Trinity?” not “Please discuss the many failings of your fellow parishioners as they received communion in the hand or acted as extraordinary ministers or failed in some other way to live up to your exacting standards of piety.” The meaning of “Eucharist” is “thanksgiving” not “grumbling judgmentalism”.

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