Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests November 16, 2011

A reader writes:

Last night I got a call from my mother that my sister’s long -time boyfriend died from a long time battle with physical problems. I pray for the repose of his soul along with the consolation of my sister and her family. His name is Jeff and I’m not sure what his religious faith was. My sister is protestant. Also a friend of mine’s father is I believe dying. Not sure if anyone will offer him last rites. I believe that he is Catholic. And lastly I pray for peace of mind for a person who is miserable about her life due to her mental illness.

Father, hear our our prayer for Jeff that he have eternal rest, light, and peace in Jesus Christ. Grant our sister grace, comfort, and peace in her grief. Also, grant the dying man the grace of a happy death and grant the woman respite from her misery and strength and consolation to bear her cross. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Dymphna, pray for all concerned. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

I have felt that I ought to write some of my faith-filled friends and ask for your prayers. I am going through a difficult time and could use your support. As you might know, I took a new job recently that requires me to work during the night and on the weekend. Because of my work schedule, I have to sleep during the day and because of that have had very little contact at all in the past few months with family and friends and its really wearing on me.

In considering my options, I recently applied for a job in Denver, Colorado working for a Catholic non-profit organization managing their IT systems. It would be a much better fit for me in several ways and so I think I would probably take the job and move to Denver if it were offered. After an interview over video conference, I have been told I am a finalist, one of two candidates they are considering for the position, and I will be going to Denver for an in-person interview sometime in the next few weeks. Although it could turn out to be a great blessing, not knowing right now whether I will be staying here or leaving, is contributing to my stress.

Please keep me in your prayers and I hope you all are doing well. If there are any prayer intentions that I can lift up for you, let me know.

Father, help your son endure this season of trial and offer it in union with Christ Jesus for the good of your Church. Grant him this new job and help him to do it well and find happiness there. Mother Mary and St. Joseph the Worker, pray for him. We ask this through Jesus Christ.

Another reader writes:

Sarah was baptized by an Orthodox priest friend, is now 11, and facing her 4th open heart surgery on November 23. It is high risk and very costly and friends are trying to help the family raise $5,000 to help with the expenses of having her in the hospital so long.

Father, hear our prayer for Sarah’s complete recovery, for skill, wisdom, and compassion for her caregivers, and for peace and strength for her family. Also hear our prayer that you people give generously to help this family in need. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for these people. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Another reader writes:

I wasn’t sure I wanted to bother you with this, but I feel like my wife and I could use a lot of prayer, quickly. I’m 42… my job isn’t secure, my wife can’t find good work, and have just found out my 401k savings is wiped. We’re having to start over with that. My wife and I are both depressed beyond belief. We’re trying to keep up a happy face for our two young girls, 4 and 6, but it’s getting harder every day.

My faith is as thin and thready as I can ever remember it. I can’t tell if it’s even there. I guess it is, if I’m asking for prayers. I keep having the thought flash into my head that I’m worth more to them at this point dead than alive. I can’t believe how whiney and sad this sounds compared to some people’s problems, but this is the blackest cloud I’ve ever been in.

Father, hear our prayer for your children, that they would lift up their eyes from the troubles of this passing world and remember that you are still the conquerer of death and that you are still the God of Providence. Grant them the grace and virtue of faith, hope and love in Christ Jesus and the peace of knowing that they are precious to you and that you will care for them and guard them. Grant, especially, to this fine son of yours the shield of faith against the flaming darts of the evil one, who is the source of the lie that his life is measured by his work or his monetary worth. Remind him of how crucially important he is to his wife and children and banish the damnable lie that he is worth more dead than alive. St. Michael the Archangel, defend him in battle and bring him and his family through this crisis to newer and stronger faith in you, so that they can in turn strengthen other in their hour of trial. Mother Mary and St. Joseph the Worker, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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