Sen. Lindsey Graham, Lying Liar

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Lying Liar November 29, 2011

One of the traitorous enemies of America in our Senate, Lindsey Graham, lies about the reckless and dangerous bill just passed by the Senate. Out of one side of his mouth he lies:

Several, including Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), noted that a U.S. citizen suspected of aiding al Qaeda would be given his or her right to trial.

“The idea that an American citizen helping al Qaeda doesn’t get due process is just a lie,” Graham said.

while out of the other he says:

“If you’re an American citizen and you betray your country, you’re going to be held in military custody and you’re going to be questioned about what you know,” he said, “and you’re not going to be given a lawyer if our national security interests dictate that you not be given a lawyer and go into the criminal justice system, because we’re not fighting a crime, we’re fighting a war.”

Translation: if the Ruling Class of the People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven say so, any American citizen can be labeled a terrorist with no rights and can be arrested and jailed indefinitely.

It goes without saying that since all sorts of crimes can be construed as “betraying your country” with a little imagination, it won’t be terribly hard to expand “National Security” to protect us from everything from suspected murder to shoplifting as the state continues to find “penumbras” of meaning in the tyrannical powers it is granting itself. And since the clever GOP shills who have argued so passionately for torture abroad have done so in the interest of “national security” it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see that the people pushing for this tyrannical overreach domestically would also find torture a useful tool in “fighting evil” among the American citizenry they are increasingly treating like enemy subjects and not the citizens of a free republic.

That man is a traitor to these United States just as surely as a sworn member of al Quaeda is. So is every Senator who passed this bill. In a more civilized age, they would be defenestrated and put in the stocks to be pelted with mud. The traitors to the Constitution who just voted for this should be impeached and jailed as enemies of the United States of America.

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