A reader writes

A reader writes December 19, 2011

I know your readers often appeal to you with questions, so I’m hoping maybe you’ll have some suggestions for me.

The Long Story: My kids (older elementary to high school) have all been through confirmation, but when it comes to ongoing instruction in the Faith, we haven’t been very satisfied with what our parish offers. The people are very nice and supportive, but youth group and catechesis classes tend to be either just a get-together for fun, or the teaching tends to be “let’s all sit in a circle and discuss our feelings.” Our kids just aren’t getting much out of it. I’ve tried finding some stuff to start our studies at home. I’ve tried local bookstores, library, various Catholic websites, and even gone on fruitless Google searches. The material is either geared too much toward adults, or is too much touchy-feelie let’s-discuss-our-feelings rather than real teaching on the Faith. So…

To make the Long Story Short: Do you know of any good catechesis materials for intelligent young people that you would recommend?

I’d get Amy Welborn’s “Prove it” series from OSV.

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