Another wussy atheist in need of Insensitivity Training writes…

Another wussy atheist in need of Insensitivity Training writes… December 19, 2011

me out of the blue to gripe:

In his last line on Hitchins’ passing, I paraphrase, “now that he is dead, Hitchins knows.” It was an insult to Hitchin’s memory. I like Ross, but he is not close to equal in intellect and most certainly knows no more about post mortum consciousness than Hitchins, or The Pope.

And the reason you are complaining to me is…?

Dude. Hitchens made a career out of insulting people’s memories in the hour of their family’s keenest grief–on national and international television. It was one of his most revolting traits and a living illustration of how courage, unhinged from the other virtues, can be deployed to do great evil–since it takes “courage” (of a sort) to defy healthy social convention and revile somebody’s loved one in the hour of their death.

In contrast, all Douthat did was offer some kind words. So: Cry me a river, wimpy self-absorbed atheist wuss, if a Christian states a) that he believes Hitchens now knows how wrong he was about God and b) does so in a generally kindly piece that tries to say something generous about a man who reviled his most cherished beliefs. Letters like yours just demonstrate that, yes, lots of atheists seem to suffer from some sort of personality disorder that renders them incapable of picking up the normal social and affective cues that normal people normally perceive. Lots of them are also, like you, full of self-pity and boasting that would embarrass a high school sophomore.

That you exhibit this adolescent cluelessness, O Future of Human Evolution, while simultaneously boasting of superior intelligence simply demonstrates yet again that those who worship the intellect seem particularly hampered in using it. Get over yourself.

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