Gitmo Doctors Hid Evidence of Torture

Gitmo Doctors Hid Evidence of Torture December 16, 2011

Many of you may remember torture. It’s what our entire field of GOP candidates endorse (except for the noble exception of Huntsmand and Paul). It’s what the GOP lie about and say waterboarding isn’t. It’s what the GOP lies about and claims we got bin Laden with. It’s what the GOP lies about when they pretend waterboarding is the only form of torture we deployed (overlooking the broken bones, frozen corpses, and innocent people who somehow died in custody by severe beatings. It’s what Obama refused to prosecute, but other countries threaten to arrest Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for authorizing. It’s what the GOP stands for as a fundamental American value and longs to re-institute ASAP.

Oh, and it’s what GITMO doctors covered up. You may remember GITMO. It’s where the President will have the authority to send you–an American citizen–without charge or trial forever should he sign SB 1867 into law. All he need do is declare you to be what those victims of torture were–suspected of being somebody associated with terror in some way.

Feel safe, or the People Democratic National Security State of Heaven may decide you are an undesirable element.

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