Happy 24th, Sherry Weddell!

Happy 24th, Sherry Weddell! December 20, 2011

On this day in 1987, Sherry Weddell and I were received into the Catholic Church!  What a long strange trip it’s been!  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for his goodness and mercy to us and all those we love.

Here’s to the next 24, dear friend!

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  • Ron

    Congrats!! My wife and I were received this last Easter Vigil. It took me almost a decade to finally come home after over 30 years as an evangelical protestant. It feels so good to be a Catholic doesn’t it?? Love your blog. Keep up the good work!!

  • Happy Birthday to you and Sherry – from your ‘kid sister’ in the faith (confirmed and received at Easter Vigil in 1999).

  • Congratulations to you & Sherry. Thanks be to God for whatever kinda grace He imparts to bring us home. I’m just glad He does it.

  • Congratulations, Mark! 🙂