In an era when the State is Ruled by a God King eager to crush the Church

In an era when the State is Ruled by a God King eager to crush the Church December 16, 2011

supporting good Catholic education has never been more vital.

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  • And support Franciscan University!

  • Joannie

    I agree with Mark Shea that many talking heads on the Radio and on TV do not like Dr. Paul’s views on foreign policy which in his words are “non-intervention” which is different than “isolationist” as he said on Fox TV last week. He was good friends with Ronald Reagan and also Pat Buchanan (who I voted for back in 2000). He does have more support from the military than any other candidate and is also anti abortion (though I have a problem with his views on same-sex relationships) he needs to clarify this in order to get more social conservatives and Catholics on board. But I think trying to attack him personally instead of sticking with the issues will backfire if he does get the nomination for President he would have to be seen as the lesser evil over Obama. That may be what it all boils down to come Election Day 2012. People are tired of “politics as usual” on both parties. The media can’t be the deciding factor this time (they got Obama elected in 2008) instead of Hilary Clinton.

  • SKay

    I agree that Obama and his administration are trying to crush the Chruch and transform the meaning of Christianity in order to conform to an ideologly.

    Supporting good Catholic education is a must.

  • Sam

    I was hoping someone could help. I’ve been able to find very detailed breakdowns comparing Shimer College vs St. Johns, but I’ve come up short finding something similar in regards to Thomas More College and Thomas Aquinas College. I would appreciate any help, whether it’s quick bullet points and something more in depth. The only thing I’ve been able to glean is that perhaps Thomas More offers a slightly broader curriculum, but I’m not even sure if that’s correct.

  • randy

    Was not north america stolen from the natives by christians?

  • Babs

    I agree with Doctor Paul on most things, but most especially that the government can’t protect the people from themselves. He does personally object to gay marriage, but believes that social morals must be perpetuated by the people not beurocracy. I know that makes our job as citizens more difficult, but we get the government we work for or the government gets us.