Jewish Writer Labors to Dispel Anti-Semitic Myth…

Jewish Writer Labors to Dispel Anti-Semitic Myth… December 14, 2011

…that Jews are smarter than the rest of us; goes into full panic mode about Tim Tebow:

If Tebow wins the Super Bowl, against all odds, it will buoy his faithful, and emboldened faithful can do insane things, like burning mosques, bashing gays and indiscriminately banishing immigrants. While America has become more inclusive since Jerry Falwell​’s first political forays, a Tebow triumph could set those efforts back considerably.

What’s particularly delectable about this snobbish rant is that the author, apparently noticing the gales of laughter greeting him in this most Judeophilic nation of Gentiles on planet earth, has gone back and quietly excised this lunatic paranoid remark from his original piece. Unfortunately, he didn’t excise the whole piece.

Many Lefty Jews are stuck in some shtetl in Tsarist Russia and have trouble getting what 21st Century conservative Christians are really about. Part of it, as this piece demonstrates, is sheer class snobbery. Evangelicals like Tebow are seen by this snooty elitist as mouth-breathing Hee Haw lovers just about to erupt in mob violence at the slightest provocation. And this is understandable given the outbreaks of mass Christian violence against Jews that came with the release of The Passion of the Christ. Since that horrible terror erupted, leaving in its wake a nation traumatized by zero acts of violence against Jews (a number that has doubled every day since then), you can see why somebody like the author of this piece has grounds for his fears.

Ahem: As one Jewish wag put it a few years back, the biggest danger facing Jews from their intensely Judeophilic Evangelical neighbors is not that they want to murder Jews, but that they want to marry them.

Update: The article has been taken down and an apology issued. Well done, Rabbi!

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  • The funny part, and it may just be the commentary I consume, is that I’ve seen very little Tebow-related Christian triumphalism. Nothing along the lines of, “Take that, atheists/secularists/Jews/Muslims/Hindus! Guess our God is the best after all!” What I’ve seen is mainstream sports commentators honestly impressed both by Tebow’s performance on the field and his conduct off it, and struggle to explain his on-field success.

    If Tebow had been a spectacular failure I’m not sure the secularists would have been so restrained. Just like they will celebrate any news of high teenage pregnancy rates in states with abstinence-based education, I think many commentators were poised to pounce as soon as Tebow failed with commentary along the lines that maybe Tebow’s God isn’t so powerful after all. (Depsite that neither Tebow nor other Christian athletes like Kurt Warner claim that God helps them win games).

    In any instance, Tebow is sure to lose at some point, so it will be interesting to see the reaction.

  • Chad Myers

    I guess I’m really cynical and jaded. I can’t see this happening any other way than:

    a.) A sex scandal or some other scandal involving Tebow (perf.-enhancing drugs, etc) that will cause everyone to dismiss him as yet another hypocritical “Jesus Freak”

    b.) Eventually his success fade and everyone saying, “See, it wasn’t God after all, just luck. Silly Christians and their ‘hope’ and ‘faith’.”

    I’m sure Chesterton had some really illuminating things to say about my type of pessimism and cynicism, but I haven’t read enough of him yet to discover it.

    • Actually, what this is all about is his famous anti-abortion commercial from the Superbowl. Up until then, he was a crowd/fan/media favorite, simply because he was good. Sure he was religious, that’s not uncommon. Nobody really cared. But when he did the commercial, all hell broke loose. Most overnight he went from ‘one of the best’ to nothing more than an overrated dolt who just lucked out. When he struggled at first in the NFL, there were shouts and high-fives from his critics. Then, from nowhere, he started winning games, and each one draws more and more of this sort of thing. Could he fall? Sure. Could he end up flounering? Perhaps, his stats aren’t always the best (he just seems, somehow, to win games). But for now, he is taking the hits for standing for his 1) Christian faith, and 2) pro-life stance (that really set things off).

      • Margaret

        What boggles my mind is how **tame** that pro-life commercial was. The message could not have been more gentle. The American Media can brook no dissent on the magnificent greatness that is abortion.

        • Dan C

          Its not the American Media. That easy foil disrupts a clear view of the problem. Its the American Public. Sorry to say, anti-abortion legislation did not even get voter support in two dramatically pro-life states in the past few years.
          I recommend: “We’re All Harry Blackmun Now — The Lessons of Mississippi” by Albert Mohler.

          • Thomas R

            I don’t think the American public is all that Pro-Choice. Stricter Pro-Life legislation sometimes loses because voters know it’ll be overturned in courts.

            Still I’d agree the percent of Americans who are Pro-Choice is fairly large. Particularly in the Northeast. And I think even many who call themselves “Pro-Life” basically think a woman who risks her health, rather than get an abortion, is probably an idiot. And I know of women who fairly sincerely say they’d never ever get an abortion, but might consider it if the baby was going to be “all screwed up.”

      • And what’s even weirder is that it was the crazy leftist hoopla before the ad aired that made him a target of the wackos. The ad itself was really, really mild.

        • Margaret’s a ninja!

          • Margaret

            Oooh, and I just discovered via your hyperlink that you are a composer too!

            I hereby propose the establishment of the Slightly Clandestine Guild of Catholic Ninja Composers. Membership is open to anyone who is a) Catholic b) has ever so much as hummed in the shower a tune of their own invention and c) has ever had any association whatsoever with any Catholic organization deemed “secretive,” “polarizing” or “contraversial.”

            Hmm… None of those terms actually apply to the Knights of Columbus, but by executive fiat, I decree that any association whatsoever with the K of C counts for Guild membership purposes.

      • ds

        Actually a lot of it is about his football skills, not the anti-abortion stuff. A lot of sportswriters thought he was undeserving of the Heisman. Now it’s between the sportswriters saying that he wins, and what a great story and the sportswriters who say he’s a bad quarterback and that you can’t win without good passing in the NFL and he’ll be exposed eventually.

        • Not in the least. *This* is all to do about his anti-abortion commercial. We all know about his passing. We all know the stats. We know there had been discussions about his overall capabilities as a quarterback. But this has nothing to do with that. He was just as religious before The Commercial as he is now, and there are boatloads of other players in other sports as religious if not more religious.

          Before The Commercial, nobody cared, and the general discussion was about Tebow, most of which was positive since no matter what his stats, he had a tendency to win games.

          It was then, that moment, that everything turned. Almost overnight he was blasted, derided, mocked, and dismissed. And his religion was attacked and attacked again. You couldn’t possibly miss it. Anyone who has followed college/pro football for more than six minutes in the last five years could pinpoint the moment.

          That’s the problem. As believers, especially if we tend to lean toward the prolife, our response should be to back him up, not find ways to tackle our own teammate. He may foul up. He may end up failing as a quarterback. Who knows? But right now, the attacks are meant to send a clear message to all would-be pro-life celebrities. And if we have any horse sense at all, we’ll make sure we send a similar message back.

  • Big Tex

    Hey! Ain’t nuthin’ wrong with Hee Haw!

  • Mark R

    I know this will appear stupid, but even a philosemite like me sometimes thinks that Jews living in countries where they have the most freedom (i.e. anglophone countries) almost desire to maintain a minimum and/or illusion of antisemitism in order to preserve their distinctness and will conjure the ghost of the pogrom in areas where it will least likely occur. Otherwise, they will melt into our American pot like the rest of us…pretty much what happened to most of us Catholics.

    • I want to agree with you, but I’m afraid of being called antisemitic.

      So, you’re right, I guess?

    • I’d completely agree with you, if it weren’t for the occasional act of synagogue vandalism that includes swastikas. So, like Miracle Max, I only mostly agree with you.

      • While I’m willing to grant that the occasional graffitti vandalism of a synagogue with a swastika is by a card-carrying neo-nazi or KKK member, I think most of them are by garden-variety vandals who just know how to get a rise out of people.

  • Mike Petrik

    While the posted article was silly, the subsequent reader comments prove that it should not be regarded as disturbing. With very few exceptions, the readership, mostly Jewish of course, found the article irrational and offensive.

  • deiseach

    Credit where it’s due, Mark, he also managed to insult his co-religionists:

    “And it makes me wonder whether other Jews, the ones who don’t happen to have advanced degrees in religion and a few decades of rabbinic experience, might be even more seduced by this unfolding drama.”

    In other words, Jews who are not as smart as what he is might just possibly all rush off to the nearest Baptist pool to be dunked. Just like I did when I was thirteen and decided to convert because my movie star crush was of a certain denomination.

    Oh, wait: no, I didn’t. What planet is this guy from originally, because it certainly isn’t our one?

    I was also glad to see in the comments to that piece that his readers couldn’t believe the idiocy of the piece, either.

    • Mark Shea

      Yes. I should have noted that. He has a Master’s degree–in Judaism! He knows more than you do!

      • Jeff

        A Dr. Science reference! I am truly impressed Mark. 🙂

  • Michael Lynch

    Apparently the guy couldn’t be bothered to familiarize himself with modern American evangelicalism before setting fingers to keyboard. One wonders how the most reflexive and strident defenders of the State of Israel could also harbor anti-Semitic prejudices so deep that a mere football game could whip them into full goose-stepping mode.


    • Rosemarie


      They made similar predictions about the movie The Passion of the Christ eight years ago. That didn’t pan out, either.

      I came to the conclusion back then that the reason liberal Jews irrationally fear “conservative Christians” is because the latter have probably not been dialoguing much with them. Most of the interreligious dialogue has probably been between liberal Jews and liberal Christians. The latter, of course, hate and fear “fundamentalists” (both the real, self-described variety and those falsely-so-called). So the modernist Christians have probably bad-mouthed them, enhancing the fear of their Jewish dialogue partners that certain types of Christian may still exist who are just itching to bring back the pogroms.

      • Folks made similar predictions about 9/11. Remember? The entire country was supposed to boil over and millions of Americans were supposed to go staggering through the hills like so many extras eloped from the set of The Walking Dead, butchering Muslims, Arabs, and any would be children of the Middle East. And yet, it didn’t happen either. There were a few attacks, some vandalism, some hate speech. But where were the oceans of blood? Where were the rivers of bodies in the wake of The Passion of the Christ?

        Time and again we’ve been told that this is how Americans, especially conservatives, especially Christians, act. And yet, so far, it’s just not happened. You’d think we would start asking if something about the post-modern, post-western narrative isn’t right.

        • Confederate Papist

          If they were right, there’d be nobody left….huh?

          Liberal Jews are liberals first…then if they have time to be Jews, then they will be. They don’t like the Orthodox Jews, either, so at least they’re consistent.

          They can say the same about orthodox Catholics/Christians/Jews, etc…but…when you say “orthodox”, that’s pretty much self explanatory, right?

        • Rosemarie


          You’d think they’d ask that question, but they don’t. They simply forget about their false prophecies after the don’t materialize; no introspection occurs.

          After the 2004 election, with both the executive and legislative branches under Republican control, many liberals were practically soiling themselves in abject terror, convinced the US was on the verge of a “theocracy.” Again, didn’t happen. Did they ever rethink their irrational fear that the Republican party actually wants to remake the country along the lines of the novel _The Handmaid’s Tale_? Nope.

          • Though I myself have never read it, I hate The Handmaid’s Tale based solely on the irrational fears it has inspired in female friends of mine who’ve read it.

        • “… like so many extras eloped from the set of The Walking Dead …”

          “Eloped”? Now the mental image of zombie couples standing in Las Vegas chapels, having their nuptials celebrated by Elvis impersonators, is hard to banish. Perhaps you meant “escaped”?

          Sorry, you’re making a very good point. I just couldn’t pass that up. Besides, given the seriousness of the topic, I needed the chuckle.

      • Will

        Of course, we were warned of this by the pogroms which followed the New York performances of the Benediktbeuern Passion….. not.

  • TomC

    I think the famous line of 1st century Roman poet Juvenal is appropriate when considering the confused Rabbi’s words:

    Difficile est saturam non scribere – It is hard not to write satire.

    Any satirists out there?

    • S. Murphy

      Maybe not a satirist, but definitely a Juvenal fan… and yes, that line is perfect here – in fact, the subject of our host’s entry pretty much satirized himself!

  • Dear Anyone Who Writes This Kind of anti-Christian Nonsense,

    Quick! Name the last time Christians burned down a mosque, as you so fear they will.

    I didn’t think so.



  • Confederate Papist

    They don’t care. In LeftWing World, lying, especially about Christians, is one of their ten commandments and is not a sin.

  • kmk

    I LOVED Hee-Haw!

    Great comments.

  • xavier


    No, not some shetl but the very Pale of Settlement. I’m fed up with these leftist types that make a big deal about their cultural Judaism but don’t observe the Laws, are still stuck in a time warp and worry that everyday is Kristallnacht.


    • Righteous Pagan

      I donno. I’ve had beer bottles thrown at me and antisemitic slurs yelled at me. In Toronto. Now, I don’t deny that the above article is absolutely ridiculous and deserving of derision, but the problem still exists, people.

  • antigon

    Oh, so you all think Rabbi Hammerman is wrong that Tebow is going to unleash mass pogroms, eh? Well, Mr. Shea, very probably due to your call above for him to “excise the whole piece” the Rabbi has done just that! And “with apologies” (“to all those whom it offended”) no less.

    Such brutal censorship clearly vindicates the Rabbi’s analysis of course. Those anti-Semitic bursts of violence you mentioned are now going to triple.

    In passim, along with his child-like (in the best sense) faith, perhaps the most endearing thing about Tebow is his youthful exuberance, the *fun* this kid is having. As if he were, you know, pro life or something.

    He’d better be careful. If he doesn’t cut it out, he’s liable to drive the dour into open & public sputtering!

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Yes, because protesting a stupid article is exactly the same as burning down mosques and temples. Also, when did Mark Shea get the redaction pen for He doesn’t have one? Then how can he be censoring it?

      Also, gotta love the bullshit “to all whom I offended” apology. You apologize because you admit you did something wrong, not because you offended somebody.

      • Will

        Er, it looks to me like “antigon” was using SARCASM on us!

        And the non-apology apology is now standard in public life… usually phrased as “IF anyone was offended….”

  • Manwe

    Correct! Also should be noted that Tsar Alexander had nothing to do with the attacks against the Jews proceding the bolshevik revolution. And the main reason Jews were even attacked at that period of time was, as Gian pointed out, their sad relation to the marxism (many marxists is Russia were Jews, and they became linked in the popular mindset, in fact, the man that killed the Tsar WAS a Jewish Marxist).

    • Manwe

      Huh? Where did Gian’s comments go? This was a response to his post…odd.

      I should also mention that the Jews who became marxists had, of course, renounced their faith and their heritage. Sadly, the Russians were not aware of this.

  • Okay, so I’ve noted the irony that he’s been forced to withdraw his piece and publicly apologize for his insane anti-Christian remarks. Now, will he be forced into the margins of the MSM and made to “hug the cactus” until another Jewish writer calls for his public rehabilitation, like Matt Damon did for Mel Gibson?

    • Will

      “Matt Damon”.

    • Bill M.

      I think it was Robert Downey Jr. and not Matt Damon who called for his friend Gibson’s public rehabilitation.