Local Boy Miraculously Healed

Local Boy Miraculously Healed December 23, 2011

thanks to the intercession of Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha. This, of course, shows how much God favors Washington, my home and native  land.

Seriously though: These things happen all the time.  The only reason people don’t believe them is not that “miracle don’t happen” but that people embrace philosophies which do not allow them to believe miracles happen.  The irony is that such people then project onto believers their own practice and insist that believers only see what they want to see.

No.  It is disbelievers who do that.  A believer can (and does) evaluate claims of miracles by reasonable criteria and by no means credulously accepts every claim.  This is why the Church has a process for investigating claims of the supernatural and (very often) say, “Nothing happening here.”  But a disbeliever in miracles has to reject every claim of the miraculous, no matter how compelling, because he has a cramped philosophy that forbids him to acknowledge so much as the possibility of the supernatural.  Skepticism, as a creed, requires far more faith than the normal human awareness that sometimes God shows up.

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