One of My Best Christmas Presents!

One of My Best Christmas Presents! December 26, 2011

Put together by my guys (with the help of a bunch of their cousins):

Amazing what a little cleverness and a digital camera can do.

Merry Second Day of Christmas!

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  • That was awesome. You are truly blessed. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Jack

    VERY GOOD!!!

    My dad brought me a harback copy of Homer’s Illiad !!!!

  • Evelyn

    That was hysterical! I’m kind of seasick now, though. . . . 😀

  • Clare Krishan

    ditto Joan of Arrgh!
    Thank you for sharing your private joy with your public readership.
    May I return the favor and share a little fun also? I was scanning headlines re: S.Korean (Roman Catholic) former first lady paying her respects to the dead in N. Korea and coincidentally came across this “most viewed” cartoon at one of the Korean dailies (a riff on the Pope’s midnight mass homily perhaps):
    Feel free to add to the third day of Christmas merriment!

  • Clare Krishan

    The cultural literacy of that little country on the other side of the pacific is remarkable, here’s another “most viewed” that isn’t strictly-speaking Catholic, but humorous none the less (with its echoes of literary homage to the Roman Catholic Kennedy ‘Camelot’ era)?

    In fact the sword as symbol for the decisive (and in deed necessary role in faithful leadership) of Truth with a capital T, as St Paul would no doubt attest to, is quite prescient!

  • Clare Krishan

    AUTH of course is our local political cartoonist here in Philadelphia
    (IOW S. Koreans didn’t create the material they simply syndicated it)

  • Sherry Weddell

    Ha Ha! What a wonderful, imaginative, funny bunch you’ve spawned, Dark Lord!

    But wait! How could a Dark Lord have such fantastic, sunny kids?

    Hmmmm . . . Is there something you haven’t been telling us? How is your inner Dark Lordlet doing these days? Feeling the overwhelming desire to be goofy and play?

    I’m sure that can be squashed once you confront this last, hidden flicker of inner weakness. We lick spittles and toadlings are all here for your Austere Miserableness to crush if it will make you feel worse again.