Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests December 9, 2011

A reader writes:

My Grandma had fallen in the bathroom and broke her femur where it meets the knee. She had went to the hospital and had a successful knee operation. But, during the surgery she had got a blood clot in her lung. The clot of course affected her breathing and they had to force ventilation into her lungs (I pray God be with her.) Please ask for prayers and storm heaven, if possible, and for the clot to please be successfully disolved and never to return nor there to be a blood clot again. She has 6 or 7 great-grandchildren who, I hope, may grow-up with her. I ask for prayers to be understanding, God to turn me around and stop being un-trustworthy of my family members who care (despite personality conflicts.) I need God’s super abundance of grace and sustenance to please bear me to bear all that should happen for her care. Like St. Paul, I suppose, I need to be put into humility out of service to charity and have the cataracts removed from the eyes of my heart (which seems to grow cold.)

Father, hear our prayer through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for this women and your servant and his family.

Another person writes:

Please pray for my parents who are still in an unhealthy rental situation. Last night, the landlord accused my father of trying to hit her with his cane (the cane he uses for walking) and police cited him for disorderly conduct (even though he wasn’t home to give his side of the story) and basically told my parents that, as renters, they have absolutely no rights and the landlord can do whatever she wants to them or their property (this is contrary to state law and local municipal ordinances, but the police officer didn’t seem to care).

Having tried to work out a compromise, my parents are now looking for a new home. Thankfully, we have the means to help them, but please pray a new landlord will accept them despite the fact their current landlord has threatened to poison any wells by telling prospective landlords they’re bad tenants (a threat we have captured on film, no less).

Also, pray for me, that I am able to control my anger over this situation. I am very upset at her, and the disregard and disrespect she shows my family — calling my parents stupid, my brother fat, and not caring to make the property safe for my parents and my wheelchair bound grandmother. She also accused my mother of abusing my children, which is a lie. Pray she does not attempt to involve child protective services, because she’s vengeful enough to do so.

The whole situation is a mess. The landlord is a miserably unhappy young woman who also needs prayers. Pray for her, too.

Father, hear your daughter’s prayer and let justice and mercy be done in this situation. Grant security, peace, grace and strength to your servants and forgive their enemies through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them all.

Another reader writes:

My wife just found out that her company decided to eliminate several hundred positions for the holidays – for good. Her position was one of them. I had only – finally – found some full time work, though the pay was below what it has been. As long as she had her job, we were able to get by, though not with much left over. With this, we are back to the drawing board again, only her job was the one with benefits, so we will need to find something since we had to move my Mom in with us after my Dad died, and it’s not easy getting a family of seven through on what I make. So prayers that something will open up – even something better than we’ve had for the last several years – would be appreciated. Thanks, and a wonderful Christmas for you and your loved ones (especially those youngest of the clan)

Father, grant your swift provision to this family through Christ our Lord! Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them!

Another reader writes:

My wife and I have appreciated yours and your readers’ prayers after our children Natalie and Tobias were born still. I ask again your prayers during this third (and likely final) pregnancy. In addition to the risk of loss after two stillbirths, my wife Kim’s kidney is only functioning at 15% and will likely need a transplant or dialysis after the birth of this child. I ask you to please pray for the health of my wife, and the safe and happy birth of our child, especially as Kim goes in for a cerclage procedure on Dec. 19th. We’re anxious but, thanks to grace and the ministering of a holy priest, very hopeful.

Father, hear our prayer for a safe and healthy delivery for mom and child through Christ our Lord! Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Luke, pray for mom, baby, and all who love them.

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