Prayer Requests and Praise Reports

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports December 5, 2011

In 2009 a reader wrote:

Please pray for my friend Don, who had diabetes for years before it was diagnosed. Consequently his body has been severely damaged. He’s lost the sight in one eye, and his kidneys have been damaged to point where this man in his early forties is looking at dialysis. He’s despondent and doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for everything.

Now he writes to say:

I got the news that Don finally received his kidney and pancreas transplants last weekend. I talked to him on the phone today and he is energetic, happy and hopeful. Best he’s sounded in years. Hasn’t needed a shot of insulin since the operation.

Blessed be God for His love and mercy. All those who prayed for Don or thought kindly of him in the past four years, thanks.

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ!

A reader writes:

I wet to my oncologist yesterday, and found out I newed to start on chemo as soon as we can get the insurance approval. I, fortunatly won’t lose my hair, but one of the drugs I have to take, I was on before. I hade a horrible reacton to it. It was like I was in a full blown grage mal seizure, but was completly with it. It lasted 30 minu6ts. MY muscles spasmed so tigt, it pulled my pelvis apart. It was, so say the least, not fun. They are hoping they can start next week. I’ll be getting two treatments aweek, for 12 weeks. I’m pertified. T make matters worse, we hade my litle dog Copper to the vet, and he had a staff infection on hus skin, and he may haved mersa, which meas I can’t even touch him.
We are going to put him in a cage, in my room so I can at least talk to him, but itsn’t the same as coudlinup with him

On hpy note, y oldest daughter, Jamie is getting married to a souldier at Fort Cample, which is about to mines at most from Nashville. It’s close enough we could go there for christmas. Sh’s also taking he corgi puppy Toki with her. I loe to snuugle with her, she feels like a baby, lyng on my arm. and she’s just so sweet. I can call Jamieon the phone, bt they are going to set up some web casts so we can see her.

Well, that’s about all the catching up. have a wonderful christmas, anda very blest new year.

Father, hear our prayer for your daughter’s complete healing and peace through Jesus Christ. Grant her caregivers wisdom, skill and compassion and all who love her your grace, consolation, and peace. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for all concerned.

I have a prayer request for myself. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia. After treatment I was told that they were sorry but it wasn’t gone and that they were going to need to look into experimental treatments. I then had a terrible reaction to some antibiotics they gave me, and about a week and a half later when they tested my bone marrow again, the Leukemia was miraculously gone. Now after a year the most recent test is showing a small amount of leukemia cells again. I don’t believe God does take-backs on his miracles, and could really use some prayer.

Father, hear our prayer for your servant’s complete healing through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grant her caregivers compassion, skill and wisdom and give her loved ones peace, faith, and strength in the Holy Spirit. Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Peregrine, pray for her.

Another reader writes:

I request the generous prayers of you and your readers again. First, prayers in thanksgiving for the generosity and wisdom of a family member who has provided us with the means to care for our young family in a way we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Second, that our attempt to purchase a home goes smoothly and that we are able to close by the end of the year to get out of a cramped, unhealthy, and crumbling apartment building. The home is modest by society’s standard, but in my eyes it’s a palace.

Many thanks and a blessed advent to all of you!

Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for us!

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