Ross Douthat Inadvertently backs up my point…

Ross Douthat Inadvertently backs up my point… December 7, 2011

that the main effect of voting is not the impact it has on somebody winning an election, but the impact it has on you. Making a man like Newt Gingrich the Face of American Christianity is a fantastically foolish thing to do.

Then again, conservative Christians have demonstrated a sort of anti-charism of discernment over the past decade, not just backing but giving full throated veneration to spectacularly unreliable people and vilifying their critics as enemies of all that is good and holy.  It’s the amazing combination of bad calls with repeated, cocksure declarations that the polite critic of a Maciel, Euteneuer, Corapi or Gingrich are speaking from a deeply evil hatred of God, babies, puppies, and America that keeps making me wonder how many times somebody can be so wrong before they start to develop just a little caution about their utter certitude.

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