Seems worth a shot

Seems worth a shot December 8, 2011

A reader has an interesting brainwave:

I have been thinking lately about how OWS has brought into the public realm the idea of using public space to make a point. For many years Nativity scenes have been declared unwelcome and in violation of the law, but really, aren’t they just “a demonstration of speech representing a point of view”? Maybe we could all go out this Advent and “occupy” various parks and public spaces in front of city halls with living nativity scenes. This would work especially well if the space has already been claimed in the name of free speech by OWS. The mess necessitated by the presences of animals would blend into the general OWS atmosphere, and people dressed “alternatively” would not necessarily stand out. I admit the baby might cause a stir because babies are powerful, especially when representing His infancy.

Still, it would be nice for the 99% to stand up and say “hey, hey, ho,ho, your death culture now must go!” and by that mean not capitalism but immorality, idolatry, and perversion. Ok, maybe its closer to 80%….60%?…..46%….??? “Occupy the culture!”

Hey! Why not?

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