Speaking of dictatorships…

Speaking of dictatorships… December 19, 2011

there are three myths about the detention bill that Congress just passed and that the President is about to sign (thus transforming the US into the Executive Dictatorship of America and you into a subject of a Police State and not a free citizen)

Myth # 1: This bill does not codify indefinite detention
Myth #2: The bill does not expand the scope of the War on Terror as defined by the 2001 AUMF
Myth #3: U.S. citizens are exempted from this new bill

All these lies are designed to cover up one fact: a bipartisan coalition of our Ruling Class, in an act of war against the American people, have declared that if the President wishes to declare you or any other citizen an enemy of the state, strip you of habeas corpus and lock you away forever without hope of trial or appeal, he may now do so and you are absolutely powerless to stop him. Every person who voted for this bill and the President who signs it should be impeached, tried for treason, and jailed. They have fundamentally betrayed the Constitution. If we snooze through this and let it happen, we shall deserve our chains.

Ron Paul, naturellement, is just about the only person on the national stage sounding the alarm. Meanwhile, the members of the Ruling class on the right side of the aisle aim to destroy him while blabbing about Peace and Safety. They do this because the dynamic in our country is no longer left/right/conservative/liberal. It is our Ruling Class vs. the Populace. The law spells the end of the US as a free country. From now on, we are permitted “rights” only on the sufferance of our Ruling Class, who can strip us of both liberty and life on the unilateral fiat of the Executive without arrest, evidence, trial, judge, jury or verdict.

Our response so far? Look! Fake baby bumps are all the rage!

PS. And in case you are thinking “The Judiciary will save us!”, Newt Gingrich, one of our more fascistic candidates, is way ahead of you: he’s already talking about giving the Executive power to arrest judges whom he deems to be troublesome to the Ruling Class on some pretense or other.

We are a Paris Hilton people in an apocalyptic world.

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