The Nightmare Continues…

The Nightmare Continues… December 15, 2011

This will hurt you more than it hurts me. That’s what makes me feel so powerful:

Have you noticed that with the sole exception of Han Solo at the very beginning, all the dialog has been in Wookiee? Don’t worry. Soon there will be English dialog that will make you long for more Wookiee.

That is all!

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  • Manwe

    This just keeps getting worse and worse…what in the NAME OF GOD WAS LUCAS THINKING?!!!

    Mark, were you one of the lucky ones who got to see this when it first aired back in the 70’s?

  • Veronica

    The Star Wars Holiday Special is so bad is good… NOT!

  • jkm

    Saw it first time, and have been longing for it again ever since. Which, if nothing else, is proof of the fallen condition of humanity. 🙂 My son’s desire to see it again was rooted in his need to know whether it was truly as bad as he remembered. One Christmas wish, fulfilled!

  • Sort of puts episodes I, II, III in perspective, doesn’t it?

  • For once I’m grateful that the sound on my computer is malfunctioning.

  • Jared

    *Obnoxious nerd time*
    Mr. Shea, I believe you mean the dialogue is in Shyriiwook.