Why I Will No More Vote for Gingrich than Obama

Why I Will No More Vote for Gingrich than Obama December 5, 2011

In which I detail my reasons for not trusting this perfidious man (and, undoubtedly, prove again to some people that I hate God, America, babies and puppies for failing to get on board with the latest joke of a candidate burped up by the GOP).

I can see somebody saying, “Yuck. This dreadful man is somebody I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote for rather than support Obama.” I get that. Politics involves compromise, etc. Duly noted.

What amazes me though are the repeated encounters I’ve had–with *Catholics* no less–who declare, “I will not tolerate a bad word against Newt Gingrich in my hearing!” As though the man is a saint and not the duplicitous self-regarding creep he so obviously is. Hold your nose and vote if you must, but don’t tell me it is somehow wicked to make note of the man’s gross (and in my book, insuperable) flaws which make giving him the Presidency a fantastically bad idea.

The bizarre gift conservative Catholics have for anointing folk heros, elevating them to the status of Unquestionable and attacking all who point out serious flaws as Enemies of All That is Good and Holy–all as a prelude to yet another toppling fall a la Maciel, Euteneuer, Corapi–is breathtaking. I wonder how many times conservative Catholics are going to do this before it starts to occur to them to have a little humility in mixing up their politics with Holy Church? It’s secular messianism every bit as destructive as the Obama worship the Left indulged in.

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