And with Epiphany….

And with Epiphany…. January 6, 2012

Christmas draws to a close. It was a good one, albeit not in the way I expected. But grace has been there and I’m grateful, even for the shock of the diabetes diagnoses, as well as for many other things, especially my family I love so much and for the grace of the visit out to Marytown and new friends I made there. May God fill the New Year with hope and his kingdom continue to grow as he himself has promised.

Per the standard Catholic loosey goosey approach to rules and regulations, I am planning to keep celebrating Christmas till January 8 rather than calling it a day today. So tomorrow and Sunday, Happy 12.1 and 12.2 days of Christmas, all y’all! And if you are Orthodox, Merry Christmas all over again! Back Monday!

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