Behold the Cool Video for The Work of Mercy!

Behold the Cool Video for The Work of Mercy! January 13, 2012

By the way, if you are like a lot of folk who don’t have time to read a book fear not! You can also order the whole book on CD or as an MP3 download (read by Yr. Obdt. Svt.).

Here’s the link to the download (with a little sample of the book you can listen to for free). I will try to get the link for ordering the CD up on my site ASAP.

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  • Joe

    Way to go Mark can’t wait to read it. God Bless

  • Frank Weathers

    A shirt and tie?! Run!

  • Alister

    I can now read this blog with the correct accent on my mental voice!

  • Wooo, sheer technological awesomeness!

    I’m glad you’re on Audible, Mark. As a member, I’ve always lamented the fact that they have such a paltry selection of good Catholic books. Now they’re turning around at last! (I’ll use my next credit to get the book).

  • Gregory

    Congratulations. A very timely book.