Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale January 10, 2012

It’s not a secret I’m no fan of Rick Santorum and greatly fear what his (thankfully unlikely) administration would do. That said, the egregiously horrible treatment he and his family have gotten from the child-hating Left over how they chose to grieve the loss of their baby has, once again, revealed the deep and visceral hatred of both motherhood and children among many on the talking head left. First Alan Colmes and then Eugene Robinson have elected to make public hay over the fact that a family, filled with grief over the loss of their child, chose to take the body of their child home to say goodbye. Quite simply, it is none of their damn business, nor anyone else’s, how the Santorums choose to express their grief and love in such a moment. But (as we saw with the outpouring of hatred against Trig Palin from the psychotic baby-hating fringes of the Left), one of the poisons that afflicts that particular sector of the Body Politic is a peculiar, almost ungovernable loathing of fertility, babies, and such like. It’s as utterly creepy as the endless “24” torture fantasizing of the Right was and reveals something of the shudder-inducing crawly things at work in the id of that ideological tribe’s psyche.

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