Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale January 10, 2012

It’s not a secret I’m no fan of Rick Santorum and greatly fear what his (thankfully unlikely) administration would do. That said, the egregiously horrible treatment he and his family have gotten from the child-hating Left over how they chose to grieve the loss of their baby has, once again, revealed the deep and visceral hatred of both motherhood and children among many on the talking head left. First Alan Colmes and then Eugene Robinson have elected to make public hay over the fact that a family, filled with grief over the loss of their child, chose to take the body of their child home to say goodbye. Quite simply, it is none of their damn business, nor anyone else’s, how the Santorums choose to express their grief and love in such a moment. But (as we saw with the outpouring of hatred against Trig Palin from the psychotic baby-hating fringes of the Left), one of the poisons that afflicts that particular sector of the Body Politic is a peculiar, almost ungovernable loathing of fertility, babies, and such like. It’s as utterly creepy as the endless “24” torture fantasizing of the Right was and reveals something of the shudder-inducing crawly things at work in the id of that ideological tribe’s psyche.

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  • I thought you got beyond the pale from walking out of and away from the fort. These people are coming toward it and besieging it. Let’s make sure they stay beyond the pale!

    • Will

      No. I think “beyond the pale” (as in the English Pale) is defined by the people inside putting up a fence against Them.

  • Tom Connelly
    • Yeah, I found that, a pretty good response. I couldn’t believe it at first, that they would say such things. More than that, I can’t believe I’ve heard no other outcry.

  • John C

    A hack like Eugene Robinson has only one talent: He knows how to keep his face on TV by sucking up to his “progressive” pals in the media. “Casual cruelty” is a good career move among these people.

  • Tammy

    I am a Perinatal Bereavement Nurse – I care for women and families at times of pregnancy loss and infant death. Watching the media fall-out from this has been agonizing and I would have preferred to have never read many of the comments I saw in front of me, but (as God can use even the worst events for good) I think that it is good that this topic has been brought out of the shadows.

    In our country every year, in addition to hundreds of thousands of early losses, 25000 babies die prior to birth (natural, non-induced death) between 20 & 40 weeks gestation and another 25000 die in the first 28 days of life. That is a LOT of death considering it is virtually never mentioned in the media. In our society, if something is important, it is in the media, so the dearth of info about this leads people to think it doesn’t happen.

    I have had newly bereaved fathers say to me “I did not know that babies died”. Perhaps this has been a small step in opening dialogue that will teach compassion to those who encounter the newly bereaved.

    I could fill your entire page with details of the awful things that are said to the families I care for – 7 years of doing this work has taught me that scared people are mean (doctors, nurses and the mom’s best friend included).

    There is so much I would like to say but maybe the best thing I could leave the other readers here with is a suggestion that you call that person you know who suffered the death of a baby and tell them “I have been thinking of you and your baby today”.

    • Rosemarie


      Some people had the same response when the news reported that the Duggars had photographs taken of their recent stillborn baby’s hand and foot. I guess that much-vaunted liberal “compassion” doesn’t extend to Christians who dare to have “too many” children.

  • Gregory
  • nate

    Yeah. Pretty horrible. I think that Alan Colmes apologized, though. Colmes strikes me as a reasonable bloke, so I’m not surprised to see that he realized his comments were daft.

    Thanks for the post. Important stats to remember, and good advice.

    • Confederate Papist

      Alan Colmes was just trying to get his liberal “street cred” back after being accused of being a faux lefty by appearing with Hannity all those years.

      Way to go Alan….you got your street cred back!

  • kenneth

    I cannot for the life of me see the point in making such a nasty personal attack. Not only is it sleazy and dishonorable, it is unnecessary. There’s simply no need to go after Rick Santorum the man. Rick Santorum the candidate should be attacked on his own merits. His ideas are, to use a metaphor from our state of permanent imperial war, a “target rich environment.”

  • Talking Carp

    Rick will not be the guy; however, we should all be glad that he is in the race
    1. He’s not afraid of his faith
    2. He’s the only guy who seems to understand the lives of people living in $35,000 houses
    3. He’s the only guy who publicly hates the filth poured out into our livingrooms from Hollywood
    4. He’s not tillered by vanity; in fact he proves it daily with an $11 KMart sweatervest

  • Talking Carp

    Ron Paul, on the other hand, is a racist, anti-Semite, pro-drug isolationist who thinks the source of all evil in the world is not the devil….but the Fed

    • Timbot2000

      You can deal with problems of monetary policy administratively. It is OTOH, impossible to legislate the devil. Sorry, but red herring is not my taste in fish.

    • Congrats TC – you set a world record for most consecutive errors in a sentence.

    • Jeff

      I’m not sure which was funnier, the K-mart vest comment or the BS about Ron Paul.

  • “It’s as utterly creepy as the endless “24″ torture fantasizing of the Right”

    I’m not sure about that. I think that’s why the Church has come out and said torture is wrong. Now I could be wrong, but I’m not aware that the Church has anything out there about ‘thou shalt not say such things about parents who choose to mourn a child a certain way.’ That seems to me to make a difference. A person who, in a fit of fear, panic, or whatever thinks we should do whatever to protect ourselves, may be wrong, but it’s understandable. It’s also common. Hence the teaching, to tell us what seems natural is still not right.

    But on the other hand, you wouldn’t think there needs to be some dictate that says ‘don’t sneer at and mock how a parent mourns a dead child.’ Because, well, that’s not natural. It may be the natural outcropping of a philosophy or world view that the Church teaches against. But it, in itself, seems so off the scale that you wouldn’t think there needs to be any clear teachings against it.

    Or at least that’s a thought I had when I read this.

    • Talking Carp

      I lived in Ireland for a bit and got to see how a tradional Irish wake takes place when my friend’s brother died. The body was taken to the home and laid in his own bed. Family members took turns praying with the body for about 24 hrs, then the whole village gathered at the home, placed the body in a coffin and carried it to the church- all in silence. After the funeral mass, the village walked back to the home and drank their livers out.
      I thought it was beautiful. And what Santorum did was beautiful as well.

  • Sandra Miesel

    Today I will be sewing burial clothes for a baby boy who isn’t even dead yet. I belong to a nationwide organization called Threads of Love that makes burial garments and memorial gifts for families who have suffered miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Our service is much appreciated by the bereaved. It’s something to look into if you like to sew.

  • SDG

    Mark, I understand and respect (though I disagree with) your reasons for not voting for Santorum, or for any other candidates who advocate objective grave evil. But I can’t understand you calling the prospect of a Santorum administration “thankfully unlikely” UNLESS you regard it as MORE likely that something better will happen instead.

    In other words, even granting your objections to voting for Santorum yourself, are you really saying that in some unlikely universe in which Santorum manages to defeat Mitt, Newt and finally Obama, you wouldn’t heave a small sigh of relief that something worse didn’t happen? I certainly would. A Santorum administration strikes me as far and away the least objectionable of all remotely plausible outcomes. Whatever trepidation I would feel about a Santorum administration pales in comparison to a Romney, Gingrich or Obama administration. (Yes, and even a Paul administration, even if Paul passes the no-objective-grave-evil advocacy test. He’s still a nut. And unlike Santorum, Paul isn’t just unlikely but darn near impossible.)

    I’m not saying that merely being the least objectionable plausible candidate is a slam-dunk reason to vote for someone (though I do think it’s a slam-dunk argument that voting for him is at least PERMISSIBLE, as I argued four years ago regarding McCain). But it does strike me as a good reason not to call his hypothetical administration “thankfully unlikely” — unless you disagree and regard some other more likely scenario as more desirable.

    • Ghosty

      I’m not speaking for Mark or his reasoning, but as someone who would use the same terms to describe a Santorum presidency I’ll give my answer in the hopes that perhaps it might make such a position understandable.

      I think that of all the candidates Santorum is the most likely (aside from perhaps Perry) to increase the danger of war world-wide. The way he speaks about Iran not only gives me reason to believe that he would push for outright unprovoked attacks against them soon, I believe it gives Iran more incentive to push towards nuclear armament to prevent the inevitable military aggression of the U.S.

      Every night on their satellite t.v.s the Iranians can hear people like Santorum calling for military strikes on their country; how should they react if he becomes president? At the very least Romney and Gingrich haven’t been beating the war drums to the extent that Santorum has, and it’s precisely the beating of those drums that encourages dangerous and all-to-predictable reactions from nations intent on preserving their way of life (no matter how corrupt and/or morally evil) against an unjust aggressor. In short, a Santorum presidency would make the world more dangerous for certain, and only offers marginal chances of good, real changes in U.S. policy at home.

      I might be willing to look aside from the lobbying and efforts against the Constitution in the hopes that some real inroads would be made against abortion under Santorum, but I can’t look aside from the push for war. We are not the only audience that hears these things, and such talks has very real repercussions for our safety and the safety of many in the world.

      Peace and God bless!

      • SDG

        Thanks, Ghosty. That makes sense given your premise, tho I hope you’re wrong and would even be disappointed if you’re right.

        • Confederate Papist

          They said all this stuff about how Reagan had his finger on “the button” and that he was gonna start WWIII with the sainted Soviets, but all he did was assert how serious he was in his negotiations and many of our sabre rattling enemies went back home….until the 1990’s…so..the sabre rattling now coming from Iran and other places are due to Obama’s weakness…oh sure, OBL and Quadaffi are dead, so now you can’t say he’s Jimmy Carter 2.0, but maybe Jimmy Carter 2.01 instead.

          • Confederate Papist

            I guess what I am saying too is that Reagan’s tough talk was heard by the Solidarity movement in Poland and others and gave them hope that something better was out there…did the people of Iran, who protested against the false elections of 2009 hear that same message of hope from Obama?

            Bueller? Anyone???

    • Chris M

      My personal feelings on Santorum is that he doesn’t seem to be impervious to learning from Catholic teaching, which gives me at least a somewhat realistic hope that he will cease supporting torture or pre-emptive war if elected. I just don’t see that happening with any of the other potential candidates, and certainly not with BHO.

  • brian_in_brooklyn

    I really, REALLY don’t like Mr. Santorum and his policies, but I totally agree on this one, Mark. How the Santorums chose to grieve the loss of their child is their business. I just thank God that I’ve never had to face such a hearth-wrenching loss.

  • Billy Mac

    It wasn’t the “child-hating left” who turned Trig Palin into a political figure. It was Sarah Palin herself. She tried to create a moral panic by stating that a hypothetical “death panel” may deny her son taxpayer funded entitlement benefits. Ironically, she’s most often opposed to other people’s families receiving government benefits.

    • Say what you want about Palin, but she did nothing to have her children treated the way they were. Other politicians have held their children close in order to show their family values, and it was made clear by the press itself in the late 90s that pols’ kids were off limit. It was part of the early days after McCain picked her, when the MSM had little to go on about Palin, and so anyone and everyone was allowed to say whatever, and most of it stuck. I’m no fan of Palin, or what she has become, but the things said about her children, her daughter, her baby, and quite frankly the blatant sexist things said about her, should have turned anyone off. If they don’t, then we shouldn’t get upset when people push it to the next level, as above.

    • Mark Shea

      Riiiight. Trig had it coming because hius Mom pissed off gynecologically obsessed lefties. Serves him right for not picking his parent more wisely. Lefties are victims here. And heroes.

      How do you sleep at night writing such utter crap?

    • craig

      This is pure falsehood. The fracas about ‘death panels’ was not until after Obama had been in office several months. Almost as soon as Sarah Palin was made the VP nominee, the Left started alleging (a) that she should have aborted Trig; (b) that she was not fit to serve as VP because she was needed at home to take care of Trig; (c) that she was not even Trig’s real mother, but was covering up for her daughter Bristol; and (d) sometimes all three accusations at once.

  • SKay

    Ahmadinejad is visiting Venezuela – he and Chavez are openly laughing at the Obama administration.
    Ahmadinejad has said what he plans to do once Iran has a nuclear weapon.

    I don’t think it is Santorum is the problem.

    • Ron Paul says there’s nothing to worry about. Isn’t that enough?

  • Tammy

    Hey you guys…Perinatal death finally comes out of the darkness with a chance to educate the masses and this disolves into politics… do you think what you have read and learned the next time someone close to you has a loss?


    Thank you for making the clothes (especially boy clothes, they are harder to make so fewer people do) my program exists entirely on donations…and families appreciate them.

  • Confederate Papist

    Prediction: whoever the GOP nominates will be John-Bob McDole all over again and the election of 1996 will repeat giving us another 4 years of the messiaH.

    The republic you all love so much is dead…has been dead, and will now fracture under the immense debt it’s sovereigns has put upon us.

    Or, I could be wrong and it’ll be worse…

    • Jeff

      The sad thing is, no matter who makes president, we’re going to see more gay “rights” trotted about and the further marginalization of those who dare to have traditional values. I look around and very few people believe homosexuality is bad anymore…most people say it’s “none of their business”.
      I used to think persecution would lead to renewal, but the more history I read, I think we’re in for a long dark night.

      • Confederate Papist

        Go see Mark’s post about Hungary’s new constitution….then make sure your passport is up to date and pack the bags….Hungary may be the destination of choice in 2012…it may be mine!