Empty Suit and War/Torture Enthusiast Win Iowa!

Empty Suit and War/Torture Enthusiast Win Iowa! January 4, 2012

Suddenly, the Iowa caucuses, after not mattering at all when Paul looked like he might win, matter a great deal and show us the Wisdom of the Voters. Neocons are particularly enthused with Santorum, who promises to ignore the Pope and the catechism on that whole pre-emptive war thing, as well as re-establish torture as a fundamental American value (in keeping with the disproportionately large enthusiasm for torture so-called “conservative” Catholics have in defiance of the teaching of Holy Church). Indeed, the damp-handed Orwellian from Pennsylvania has actually had the temerity to tell Vietnam torture victim John McCain that he doesn’t understand torture as well as he does.

Meanwhile, I still can’t find anybody who actually supports the Presumed Nominee Romney. I do wonder in what sense we live in a democracy when the frontrunner is somebody that nobody wants.

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