Fr. Denis Lemieux urges us…

Fr. Denis Lemieux urges us… January 20, 2012

to read what Pope Benedict has to say and not to trust to the pseudoknowledge about him foisted on us by the media. The man is thoughtful, gentle, brilliant, holy, and clear as a bell. It’s why, everywhere he goes, even into deepest darkest anti-Catholic England (the land where all religions are equally superior to the Catholic faith) Benedict is always greeted with surprise that he is not the Rottweiler that pack journalism still lazily believes him to be (because they only listen to each other and never to him).

If you’ve never tried it, give him a whirl. Here’s Deus Caritas Est for starters. Beautiful and brilliant stuff.

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  • I nearly fell over laughing when I read the title and especially the subtitle of his blog. Can’t think how I’ve missed this one up to now. Thanks, Mark!

  • dpt

    “thoughtful, gentle,…”

    This came to mind when I read ‘God and The World”, the interview with Cardinal Ratzinger and Peter Seewald.

  • Dan C

    Ratzinger’s encyclicals are the most readable encyclicals since the 1850’s.

    He is clear and direct. There is little confusion over what he says.

    Perhaps that is why he is quoted so infrequently from these encyclicals: he is too embarassingly, openly Catholic for liberals. And he is too embarassingly openly Catholic for conservatives.

  • Dan C – yeah, I think you nail it!

  • Lynn

    He also wrote Dominus Iesus and that makes him a bully to this Lutheran.

    • rakowskidp

      He’s a bully for restating the constant teaching of the Church regarding its universality? Is it something you didn’t know about Catholicism before Dominus Iesus?

  • rakowskidp

    I’m nearly finished with Caritas in Veritate. It’s stunningly clear, intelligent and common-sensical. Our dear Papa has an uncanny ability to condense complex ideas into lightning-bolt sentences. I haven’t had such fun reading in a long, long time!