Gotta love Simcha Fisher

Gotta love Simcha Fisher January 5, 2012

Support Mitt Romney! Because he will only do a little bit of harm! You really should read everything Simcha writes. She’s fantastic.

She captures perfectly the “Man, this guy sucks but he’s the least sucky of a sucky field of suckish candidates” mood of the electorate. With the exception of true believer Paulites, I seen nobody talking about their candidate (even Obama) as though they support him. They merely talk as though he might act as a barrier against the still more terrible other candidates their party has on display, or against the unthinkably awful alternative of the Other Party winning. As I say, people no longer vote *for* candidates. They vote against all the other people they fear even more. Could there be a more damning assessment of the detritus our Ruling Classes cough up for us to rubber stamp?

I prefer to vote for candidates who, at the very least, do not ask me to support grave moral evil. Since my vote will have absolutely no effect on the election, but a huge effect on me, I think this the prudent thing to do. You should too.

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